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Easy installation

Connect to the vehicle's OBD interface. YUKAtrack easyWire, the wired version connects to the vehicle's battery.

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Includes SIM card

No hidden costs! You can use our vehicle GPS tracking free of charge throughout Europe for a full 12 months. Full service - without a contract or subscription!

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All GPS movement data is transmitted absolutely anonymously and processed on German servers. Data protection is very important to us.

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Reliable tracking with YUKAtrack

Trust is good, YUKAtrack GPS tracking is better

There are completely normal, everyday examples in which YUKAtrack's GPS vehicle tracking becomes the hero. To questions: Where did I park my car? Where is which employee with which vehicle? Where are my children currently going? Who caused the traffic ticket? YUKAtrack gives you the answer to these and many other questions.

YUKAtrack also helps protect against theft for cars, trucks, vans, vintage cars, boats, construction machinery, mobile homes, motorcycles, taxis and ALL other vehicles.

Using the OBD2 GPS tracker hidden in the vehicle, or the easyWire (wired) version, you can determine the exact location or, for example, the speed of your vehicles at any time and receive an alarm message in the form of a push notification through previously created GPS geofence zones.

Die YUKAtrack App - deine Kommandozentrale von überall aus!

Anwender profitieren von der benutzerfreundlichen YUKAtrack App, die kostenlos im Apple App Store und im Google Play Store heruntergeladen werden kann. Mit dem Zugriff auf Live GPS Daten und deren Auswertungen, kannst du zu jederzeit eines oder mehrere Fahrzeuge orten. Werte z.B. Geschwindigkeiten und Bereichsverletzungen aus, oder schaue im Streckenbericht nach, wo das Fahrzeug die letzten Tage gewesen und genutzt worden ist. Für deine Fahrzeugortung ist die YUKAtrack App ein zuverlässiger Begleiter, auch wenn du nicht im Auto sitzt. Behalte von überall den Überblick über deine Routen, Fahrer und Fahrzeuge.

Features at a glance


The digital, automated creation of the electronic, tax office-compliant logbook from YUKAtrack ensures a constant recording of all data such as the total number of kilometers driven by the vehicle, the distances traveled and speeds. Documentation errors are avoided!

Live tracking

As a user, you can see where your drivers or vehicles are currently located at any time. Precise GPS live tracking can prevent thefts or change routes based on current events. In this way, delays and delays, for example in deliveries, can be prevented.

Virtual fence

A virtual fence (geofencing) refers to the automated triggering of an action by crossing a predefined boundary, route, area or area. With the geofence function, theft and third-party use can be avoided.

Speed ​​control

With YUKAtrack speed control you can be part of the rides live! You keep track of travel times, speeding, working and idle times. The live information makes it possible to intervene as quickly as possible and, if necessary, make changes to trips.

Route reports

The use of route reports is essential for private individuals and entrepreneurs. All necessary data like Location, date, speeding, start and destination locations and the driver's information are collected, stored and displayed visually. The data collected allows you to plan routes better - your trips become more efficient and economical.

Alarm messages

There are many different possibilities and situations in which an alarm can be triggered. The various alarms help YUKAtrack users to evaluate data such as start/finish, kilometers traveled, downtime, crossing virtual fences and much more and to convert this into effectiveness and profitability.

Our sets: GPS vehicle tracking

YUKAtrack is a new type of GPS tracking box with a built-in SIM card + data flat rate for all of Europe. YUKAtrack is available to customers as an OBD or wired version. In conjunction with our YUKAtrack smartphone app, you can use GPS real-time tracking with all functions for a full 12 months at no additional cost.