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Competent GPS vehicle tracking with YUKAtrack – made in Germany


The tracking of  cars and other vehicles is now part of daily activities - both in the private and commercial sectors. The various options for GPS tracking of cars , cars and vehicles significantly increase the effectiveness and transparency of your fleet , mainly in the commercial sector.

Mobile employees (e.g. field staff ) are able to use GPS positioning systems to solve, manage or plan processes and tasks more efficiently and with reduced costs. Proof of the field service appointment can be produced, sent, logged and archived in real time . By using a private counter (function of the electronic logbook), the privacy of your employees is effectively guaranteed. As a fleet manager , you are able to link GPS vehicle tracking with mobile working time recording . This results in precise travel and idle time reports as well as detailed hourly billings for your field staff .




Professional GPS tracking of cars and other vehiclesmade in Germany



GPS tracking - made easy with YUKAtrack

The GPS complete set from YUKAtrack is the perfect tool for your vehicle tracking . If you are not sure about choosing the YUKAtrack variant, simply contact our service team! You can receive free advice from our trained sales and consulting team at 069-8383251.


Commercial GPS tracking - Use your advantages

  1. Live tracking in real time
  2. Driving and idle time recording
  3. Speeds driven
  4. Route evaluations
  5. Creation of route reports
  6. Theft protection early detection
  7. Set up geo-fencing / geo-zones
  8. Relief for internal and external staff
  9. Obligation to provide evidence is met
  10. Social sharing function


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YUKAtrack car tracking – no monthly costs

No subscription & no contract required

Do you need GPS vehicle tracking for your job or company? But not every day? YUKAtrack GPS complete set is the solution! Thanks to the data flat rate for all of Europe, there are no monthly costs! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our advisory team by phone, chat or email:



YUKAtrack car tracking – tracking of commercial vehicles

Vehicle tracking – private and business separation

A holistic introduction of vehicle tracking into a company requires good communication . Right from the start, special emphasis should be placed on discussions with the responsible personnel representatives. All processes should be clearly planned, supported and openly communicated.

Taking into account the mutual (employer/employee) interest and the privacy of your employees , ensures trust and understanding. Here too, the smartest solution can be found with the support of experts and professional planning. Receive solution-oriented , personal advice – contact our support team!


The special car tracking including sophisticated software

Exact evaluations, professional reports and digital maps in one system

The YUKAtrack complete set also includes management software - the YUKAtrack web portal. There is a desktop version and a mobile version in the form of an app . With the YUKAtrack portal, you as a user are able to carry out, analyze and evaluate speed checks, average speeds, route histories, simple GPS tracking and much more. With the mobile app you can keep track of your vehicles even when you're on the go.


Web portal app for smartphones and tablets

Live location via app

Always keep an overview of your vehicles – in real time , directly on your mobile devices . The location is carried out using GPS and is therefore accurate to within a few meters. The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets . The app visualizes the live position, distances traveled and many more within the app 's maps .



The YUKAtrack mobile app

Performance characteristics

  • Live tracking
  • speed
  • Speeding
  • Average speeds
  • Route history
  • Alarm messages
  • and much more


YUKAtrack complete set – location, tariff and data card

The all-in-one solution

The trackers from YUKAtrack for GPS vehicle tracking are sent with active data cards . The integrated data card connects live to the tracking unit and transmits movement data , position data and status information of the vehicle. Data transfers are secure and encrypted.

We use special data cards for data transmission , which contribute to the best possible network supply . The monthly basic fee for the data card , prorated costs for national and international ( data flat rate for all of Europe) data transfer are already included in the YUKAtrack package price. This means no contract or subscription is necessary.


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Become a dealer

Are you already a YUKAtrack customer? Are you convinced of the reliability and performance of the system? Then become part of the success and become an official YUKAtrack dealer ! Would you like to find out more about it? Get in touch with our support team.


YUKAtrack Support

Due to the almost unlimited possible uses of GPS tracking in a wide variety of industries, individual advice is essential. We advise you on topics such as GPS vehicle tracking, electronic logbooks, geofencing and many other topics.




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