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GPS tracking for private and commercial use

What does GPS mean? It means Global Positioning System – a global navigation satellite system for determining position. GPS tracking comes from the field of telematics and provides detailed data on moving objects.

GPS tracking is used in the commercial sector by companies and in the private sector by private individuals. Position data can be viewed, evaluated and analyzed via desktop systems or mobile apps .


What topics are covered via GPS?

GPS tracking is already used in many industries - in freight forwarding companies, logistics companies, authorities, bus and taxi companies or, for example, car rental companies and care providers . In the private sector , GPS tracking is mostly used to create electronic logbooks, to protect against theft or for simple vehicle tracking .

GPS tracking with YUKAtrack – no subscription and no contract

No monthly costs

YUKAtrack GPS tracking consists of a complete set of hardware and a data card with data flat rate for the whole of Europe. This means there are no monthly costs for YUKAtrack users. If you have any questions or special requests, our service team is available to assist you. Our team is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You are also welcome to use our contact form , the live chat function or an inquiry via email .

Optimize processes and reduce costs with GPS tracking from YUKAtrack

GPS tracking – increase efficiency through vehicle tracking

The use of permanent GPS tracking through YUKAtrack is particularly worthwhile for company fleets . The vehicle tracking used immediately increases effectiveness and also contributes to optimizing processes and reducing costs . The collected data such as vehicle position , average speed , route history , date & time or the duration of the journeys are used and contribute to the profitability of companies .

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How does GPS tracking work with YUKAtrack?

GPS tracking simply defined

The explanation of how GPS tracking works is quite simple. The GPS tracking unit (YUKAtrack) determines the current GPS position data and transmits the collected data to our server units via mobile communications - the transmission is of course protected and encrypted. The data is stored, evaluated and made available to our customers here. Our users always have access to their data - the evaluated data is visually displayed and made available via the web portal and the mobile app .

The advantages of GPS tracking

YUKAtrack – your reliable partner

YUKAtrack GPS tracking – possible uses

YUKArack for all vehicles

The possible uses of YUKAtrack GPS tracking are almost unlimited. YUKAtrack can be used in all industries and areas. It doesn't matter whether you want to locate motorcycles , motorhomes , boats or trucks . YUKAtrack is at your side with all functions. Our service and consulting team addresses all your concerns.

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