YUKAtrack im Radio: Jetzt Rabatte sichern! - Yukatrack

YUKAtrack im Radio: Jetzt Rabatte sichern!

Wir freuen uns, Dir mitteilen zu können, dass wir eine exklusive Rabatt-Aktion anlässlich unseres neuen Radiospots auf Hit Radio FFH starten! Was ist Hit Radio FFH? Hit Radio FFH ist...
Entdecke die Neuheiten im neuesten Update! - Yukatrack

Entdecke die Neuheiten im neuesten Update!

Die neuesten Updates der YUKAtrack-App bringen aufregende Verbesserungen: Live-Standort teilenAnwender können nun ihren aktuellen Standort in Echtzeit teilen. Dafür wird ein Link generiert, der mit Freunden und Verwandten geteilt werden...
February 19, 2024 — Fatih Karatas
YUKAtrack Pocket - GPS für die Hosentasche - Yukatrack

YUKAtrack Pocket - GPS for your pocket

With the YUKAtrack Pocket GPS unit you get a GPS tracker for precisely locating people, animals, luggage, cargo and all other objects. We supply you with a complete set including the mini GPS tracker including an integrated SIM card as well as a data flat rate for 12 months, which is valid throughout Europe and a silicone case for protection and attachment.

June 13, 2023 — Marcel Wissel
Yuka.digital als Aussteller auf der transport logistic München 2023 - Yukatrack

Yuka.digital as an exhibitor at transport logistic Munich 2023

The Offenbach companyYukatel will be presenting itself as an exhibitor at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich for the first time this year. The fair has taken place every...
March 01, 2023 — Marcel Wissel
Green Driving mit YUKAtrack GPS Ortung - Yukatrack

Green Driving with YUKAtrack GPS tracking

Climate change, CO 2 emissions, emission levels or environmental pollution are all words that can no longer be ignored these days. Our ozone layer is suffering and climate change has...
January 06, 2023 — Marcel Wissel
YUKAtrack - Großes App Update - Was gibt es neues? - Yukatrack

YUKAtrack - Big app update - What's new?

 GPS tool for vehicle tracking for ALL vehicles “made in Germany” We have already pointed out the advantages and skills of YUKAtrack in a previous blog article. We always want...
November 04, 2022 — Marcel Wissel
SIM-Karte für GPS Tracker: Die Lösung von YUKAtrack - Yukatrack

SIM card for GPS tracker: The solution from YUKAtrack

GPS tracking is now very easy and can be carried out very quickly by private individuals using their own smartphone. However, if you want to synchronize the data with software...
June 30, 2022 — Marcel Wissel
Fahrtenbuch App - mit YUKAtrack - Yukatrack

Logbook app - with YUKAtrack

Are you looking for a simple and reliable way to keep logbooks in your fleet or company cars? Or would you simply like to record journeys in your private car,...
June 28, 2022 — Marcel Wissel
Diebstahlschutz - mit GPS-Tracking von YUKAtrack - Yukatrack

Theft protection - with GPS tracking from YUKAtrack

In Germany , over 10,000 cars were stolen in 2020 , causing economic damage of over 200 million euros . This survey makes it clear that car theft is a...
May 31, 2022 — Marcel Wissel
GPS im Alltag - Wie GPS-Systeme unser Leben bestimmen - Yukatrack

GPS in everyday life - How GPS systems determine our lives

The Global Positioning System , or GPS for short , is a technology that has become an integral part of our daily lives these days . GPS is a satellite-based...
May 24, 2022 — Marcel Wissel
OBD: On-Board Diagnose kurz erklärt - Yukatrack

OBD: On-board diagnosis briefly explained

You may be wondering what the abbreviation OBD means and are you interested in a few more technical details ? In the following article we will briefly and concisely explain...
April 29, 2022 — Marcel Wissel
Streckenaufzeichnung - für nachhaltigeres Fahren - Yukatrack

Route recording - for more sustainable driving

Are you wondering what the real benefits of recording routes are and how it can contribute to more sustainable driving ? Maybe you even doubt that this connection even exists?...
April 29, 2022 — Marcel Wissel