Another alarm trigger for vehicles equipped with YUKAtrack is when the vehicles leave an area you have specified. This case can occur in the event of theft or attempted theft. You will immediately receive a push notification and you can react as quickly as possible and take further steps.

Push notifications

You will receive alarm messages if, among other things, you do not adhere to areas or areas that you have specified. When entering and leaving the created points, the user receives a push notification via the YUKAtrack app. Speed ​​violations are also displayed to the user as a push notification.

Triggering alarms

There are many different possibilities and situations in which an alarm can be triggered. The different alarms help the user of YUKAtrack to evaluate data such as start/finish, kilometers traveled, downtimes, crossing virtual fences and much more and to convert this into effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.

Possible alarm messages

Unscheduled trips.

Moving in and out of created virtual fences.

Removing YUKAtrack OBD from OBD2 interface.

Removing YUKAtrack easyWire or disconnecting it from the vehicle battery.


What advantages and knowledge does a user of alarms or alerts have?

YUKAtrack provides every user with a variety of different alarms.
When a vehicle enters a predefined area or also
leaves such an area, a defined maximum speed is exceeded or the YUKAtrack GPS tracker is removed from the OBD2 interface, or YUKAtrack easyWire is disconnected from the battery and much more

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