YUKAtrack GPS tracking for vans

YUKAtrack for 3.5 and 7.5 ton trucks

Private individuals or companies such as freight forwarders , fitters , logistics or transport companies rely on vans, delivery vans and sprinters . Dealing with vehicles is part of everyday life. With van tracking using GPS, companies can reduce the load on their fleet and become more efficient.

Sprinters , transport and delivery vans are used in almost all industries and private areas. Painters and varnish companies, gas and water installers, sales or assembly fleets - all rely on the 3.5 - 7.5 ton truck . With a sophisticated GPS solution, orders can be processed more quickly, logistics improve, and vehicles or construction machinery are used more efficiently. YUKAtrack offers a reliable GPS tracking complete package solution for delivery trucks, sprinters, transporters and fleets .

Speed ​​control , speeding, average speeds, geo-fencing, real-time live GPS tracking, route histories, alarm messages, electronic logbook, social sharing and the integrated battery - use all the advantages of YUKAtrack and receive automated reports and evaluations .

YUKAtrack – the pre-paid GPS solution

The special thing about YUKAtrack GPS complete set is that there are no contracts. No long terms, installments or monthly costs. YUKAtrack includes everything you need for your GPS van tracking .

Advantages of reliable GPS transporter tracking

  • Live location in real time
  • Speed ​​control
  • Travel and stand times
  • Geo fencing
  • Alarm messages
  • Short communication channels
  • Reports and evaluations
  • Tax office compliant evidence

GPS transporter tracking with sophisticated software

YUKAtrack as a reliable system

The YUKAtrack web portal is the heart of the system . Smart, visually displayed maps and clearly structured reports give you everything you need for GPS tracking for vans , delivery trucks and sprinters . The routes , route reports and evaluations are clearly presented to you. The maps are modern and are constantly kept up to date.

The YUKAtrack web portal is available as a desktop version for PC and laptop. The YUKAtrack app is also available in the app stores Google Play Store and Apple Store . That's why you always stay up to date, even when you're on the go, and know exactly what's going on in your fleet .

Secure data transfer with integrated data SIM card

YUKAtrack complete set

The YUKAtrack GPS tracking units are delivered with active data SIM cards . This makes commissioning easy. There is also a Quick Start Guide included with the complete set. The GPS tracker transmits position and movement data to our encrypted, secure servers .

Theft protection through GPS tracking with YUKAtrack

Case study

You define an area with thevirtual fence or geo-fencing function. If a vehicle leaves this area, you will receive an alarm in the form of a push notification and can intervene immediately.

Another example is when the OBD unit is pulled out of the port or the easyWire variant is disconnected from the battery. In this case, too, the user receives analarm message in real time . The push notification will be sent directly to the device where the YUKatrack app is used. These functions can counteract theft and offer the opportunity to locate stolen vehicles and, if necessary, take further steps.

With the help of YUKAtrack's live tracking, you will always be able to view all trips and vehicles and deal with them as quickly as possible. You always know where your vehicle is. Every YUKAtrack user is immediately able to locate their vehicle - the located vehicle is displayed virtually on the map .

Route history for sprinters, vans and vans

Smart route display with YUKAtrack

YUKAtrack users are shown the route history visually in the YUKAtrack app . This makes it very easy for users to see which trips were efficient or inefficient. This contributes to the profitability of the entire fleet . Trips that are in the future can be adapted and optimized. With the help of the app you can see exactly where and at what time the traffic has formed into a traffic jam. With YUKAtrack you increase the efficiency of your trips and routes .

The route history of YUKAtrack

Benefits for users

  • The routes covered , which are displayed visually, show which sections of the route need to be optimized .
  • By using the route history function, the effectiveness of individual trips is increased.
  • The data from the routes traveled are automatically collected, evaluated and saved. This data contributes to effective route optimization .
  • Detect and deal with recurring traffic jams on certain sections of the route at an early stage.
  • Individual incidents can be clarified through the route history .

YUKAtrack – alarm messages and push notifications

Alarm messages

Thanks to live GPS tracking, YUKAtrack users receivepush notifications directly on their smartphone. A case study for this is, for example, when YUKAtrack is pulled out of the OBD interface or is disconnected from the battery. Another example is when a vehicle leaves a defined area ( virtual fence ). This is a good example of theft or attempted theft . Here, too, users immediately receive a push notification.

YUKAtrack Support

Due to the almost unlimited possible uses of GPS tracking In a wide variety of industries , individual advice is essential. We advise you on topics such as GPS vehicle tracking, electronic logbooks, geo-fencing and many other topics.

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