If one of your vehicles leaves or enters an area you have defined unplanned, an alarm will be triggered in the form of a push notification. Another example of this is if the YUKAtrack GPS unit is removed from the OBD2 interface or YUKAtrack easyWire is disconnected from the battery, you will also receive a push notification in this case. With live tracking from YUKAtrack, you are always able to view all trips including details and deal with them immediately. You always know where your vehicle is.

Advantages of live location

GPS live tracking

As a user, you can see where your drivers and vehicles are at any time.

Fast action possible

If special events occur or alarms are triggered, you can intervene or react immediately.

Route optimization

The effectiveness of individual trips is increased immensely.

Theft protection

Theft or attempted theft can be averted through prompt intervention - using YUKAtrack's live location function.

How does YUKAtrack help prevent theft?

With the GPS units from YUKAtrack, every user is immediately able to locate their vehicles - this is clearly and visually displayed in the app. If a vehicle equipped with YUKAtrack GPS moves unexpectedly, the GPS tracker is removed from the OBD interface, or the easyWire variant is disconnected from the battery, the user is able to take the necessary steps immediately. This function can, for example, prevent theft or offers the option of locating the stolen vehicle using the live location function and taking further steps.

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