YUKAtrack GPS boat tracking

Professional boat and yacht tracking

With the complete sets from YUKAtrack you are able to monitor the current position and route of your boat , ship or yacht non-stop and at any time using satellite tracking via GPS . You can also set up virtual fences or Geo-Fenc zones , for example to receive a push notification when you reach a port or pier. The GPS position is displayed to you smartly and clearly visually in our web portal and app .

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GPS tracking for ships, boats, yachts or jet skis

Yukatrack GPS tracking for watercraft

  • GPS route documentation of your boat 's current route
  • GPS tracking of the current position of the ship , yacht or boat
  • Visual representation of the GPS position in the web portal and app
  • Electronic logbook reports – tax office compliant
  • Theft monitoring through geo-fence zones
  • Alarm messages when leaving Geo-Fenc zones
  • Track your boat or yacht's journey times using GPS

Which ones should you secure your boat with GPS for boats?

YUAtrack as an emergency call and theft protection for boats

Every boat or yacht owner will probably know it - the harbor or berth is usually a few kilometers from home. This is where the GPS complete sets from YUKAtrack come into play. YUKAtrack helps you protect your boat against theft or vandalism cost-effectively. A case example would be if you are the owner of a boat rental company . Here the value of the fleet can quickly rise into the millions . It doesn't matter whether it is a small motorboat , sports boat , yacht , catamaran , sailboat or jet ski . Secure your values ​​with YUKAtrack GPS tracking .

YUKAtrack GPS tracking provides you with another major safety aspect in emergency situations on the high seas , for example. If you get into an emergency situation of any kind on the high seas, YUKAtrack serves as a distress signal . When making an SOS or an emergency call , you can easily query and transmit your location data from the GPS tracker . Certain areas can also be limited using pre-created virtual fences - if they are exceeded, alarms are automatically sent in the form ofnotifications . ( Push notifications directly to your smartphone.)

How YUKatrack GPS tracking for boats works

GPS boat tracking with YUKAtrack

The YUKAtrack GPS tracking complete set consists of the hardware ( GPS tracker ), a SIM data card including tariff and the portal software or mobile app . The GPS tracking unit determines the location of your boat and shows it to you visually in the app and web portal . The tracker can access GPS satellite data based on your boat 's power supply and SIM data card . Thanks to the data flat rate for the whole of Europe, nothing stands in the way of a trip to Europe with your boat . The data is transmitted in real time - reports and evaluations are also automatically created by YUKAtrack. These are also presented to you visually and smartly in the app and web portal .

Features of GPS boat tracking

Advantages of YUKAtrack

  1. Exact location using GPS
  2. Route documentation
  3. Average speeds
  4. Speeding
  5. Geo-fencing / virtual fence
  6. Alarm function
  7. Notifications
  8. Detailed reports

YUKAtrack GPS boat tracking. no contract and no monthly costs

GPS boat tracking without monthly costs

YUKAtrack is a complete set and therefore everything you need for reliable GPS boat tracking . Because the data card has already been actively sent, commissioning is very easy - the complete set also includes a brief description. Thanks to the data flat rate for all of Europe, you don't have to worry about costs. There are no monthly costs. You don't have to sign a contract or subscription. YUKAtrack digitizes your boat , ship , jet ski , catamaran or sailboat .

Advantages of GPS boat tracking at a glance

YUKAtrack GPS tracking

Lve tracking

Know the precise location of your boat at all times through GPS tracking

Push notifications

Get instantnotifications of alarms and events

Theft protection

Secure your boat or yacht against theft and vandalism with the GPS tracking unit

  Route report and route evaluation

Receive detailed reports and evaluations of the routes and sections you have traveled

Data flat rate for all of Europe

Move safely and worry-free through the waters and ports across Europe

YUKAtrack as an all-rounder

The GPS tracking unit is small, inconspicuous and has an integrated battery

GPS boat tracking – what is possible?

Advice directly from the expert

Due to the versatile use of GPS units for boats , professional advice is recommended. We will help you choose our two YUKAtrack variants for your boat - our telematics team will be happy to help you.

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