What is Yukatrack?

The Yukatrack complete set consists of a small GPS tracking box, a permanently installed SIM card with data flat rate for all of Europe and the YUKAtrack APP. YUKAtrack is suitable for cars, vans, trucks, motorhomes, vintage cars, boats, construction machinery or motorcycles with a battery or an OBD2 slot and is ready for immediate use.

Every vehicle built after 2004 has an OBD slot.
With the free YUKAtrack app, your command center, you have the opportunity to locate all integrated vehicles and carry out analyses.

The GPS tracking boxes

The YUKAtrack tracking box is available in two different versions. One version is a new and compact OBD2 Adapter with permanently installed SIM card.

YUKAtrack easyWire is the wired version of our tracker - ready for use with all battery-powered vehicles.

Both versions are barely larger than a pack of cigarettes.

Compared to other GPS tracking boxes , our YUKAtrack boxes are significantly smaller, more practical and easier to install.

Who is YUKATRACK interesting for?

frau und mann sitzen im auto lachend


Security-conscious people or parents who want to keep an eye on their friends or relatives when using their own vehicles or want to be alerted if a third party is stolen.

mann mit sonnenbrille und handy sitzt im auto


Solo self-employed people and business people with small fleets who, in addition to real-time tracking of their vehicles, also want to monitor the driving routes and speeds of employees.

How does the installation work?

apple store logo un play store logo

Step 1

Download the YUKAtrack app from the Apple App and Google Play Store.

obd2 ortungseinheit

step 2

Register with your email and the IMEI and serial number of your tracking box.

schaubild welches die obd2 steckplätze im auto zeigt

step 3

Insert the tracking box into the OBD2 slot of your vehicle and connect the app.

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