With YUKAtrack, you as a user are able to define evaluation periods and set data such as distances covered, kilometers and average speeds within the YUKAtrack app. The smart display makes it immediately clear which average speeds and kilometers traveled by the drivers. The average speed is the quotient of distance and time - this is where valuable data is collected for the user.


Visual representation

The YUKAtrack app clearly shows which driver completed a particular route.
The kilometers traveled and the average speed provide the user with useful data and contribute to the effectiveness of individual routes.

Increase effectiveness

By collecting data on average speeds and kilometers traveled, you as a user receive valuable data that you can use for evaluation.

Possible applications

Assign drivers to specific routes or route sections.

Guarantee economical, efficient journeys through collected data.

Speed ​​limits are adhered to by determining and evaluating the average speed.

Each individual user of YUKAtrack has the opportunity to analyze driving styles, average speed and kilometers traveled in a self-selected evaluation period. The YUKAtrack app visualizes the average speed and kilometers traveled by each individual driver.

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