Truck tracking with YUKAtrack

Professional GPS truck tracking

For companies with their own fleet or with several vehicles , truck GPS tracking is a significant relief that can be proven.

Transport companies and shipping companies are able to provide reliable GPS tracking with the help of YUKAtrack. Your own fleet management and logistical processes can be mapped much more efficiently.

YUKAtrack offers secure GPS tracking especially for transport companies and freight forwarders , including many useful functions such as vehicle tracking or the electronic logbook .

And all without fixed costs! No subscription or long-term contracts are necessary. With YUKAtrack you stay flexible.

YUKAtrack GPS truck tracking

Truck tracking – no monthly fees

No fixed costs

YUKAtrack comes with everything you need for reliable truck tracking . The complete set, consisting of the location unit , tariff and data SIM card . There are no additional costs or fees. The data flat rate for all of Europe is also included in the complete package.

Truck tracking – tracking system and theft protection

What YUKAtrack offers you

Where is a particular truck currently located at this moment? Which driver drove on a specific date, where and at what time? The plug and play solution from YUKAtrack offers the solution to all of these questions.

With vehicle tracking , you always know where your vehicles are, or which driver is using which vehicle . The smart, visual map display is always up to date.

Truck tracking – advantages and features

YUKAtrack – a reliable system for shipping companies

  • GPS live tracking
  • Speed ​​display
  • Speeding
  • Average speeds
  • Travel and stand times
  • Geofencing
  • Alarm function
  • Costs are reduced
  • Reports and evaluations
  • Electronic logbook


Truck tracking including tracking software

Reports , evaluations and digital maps

The YUKAtrack Web Portal is a sophisticated software for vehicle tracking . The web portal is available as a desktop version and as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Maps , routes and reports are presented clearly and visually.

What seemed unthinkable a few years ago is now considered an everyday occurrence. Truck tracking via GPS has already found its way into many transport companies and freight forwarding companies and brings a lot of added value to everyday business.

GPS truck tracking

Live tracking and the electronic logbook

YUKAtrack comes with many useful functions

Truck tracking allows you to keep track of your vehicles and fleet . With the app you have access to your vehicles' data at any time, even when you're on the go. The data collected is very accurate thanks to GPS . Vehicle locations can be defined with an accuracy of one meter.

The electronic logbook - tax office compliant

YUKAtrack brings you a lot of added value when it comes to evidence. Especially when using the electronic logbook function. Users no longer have to keep manual logbooks . This avoids errors in documentation and also saves valuable time. All driving data such as total mileage , speeds driven or distances covered are saved and evaluated automatically. The electronic logbook is also tax office compliant - so YUKAtrack users can waive the 1% rule .

YUKAtrack truck tracking – data transfer with integrated data card

Complete including data card & tariff

The YUKAtrack complete set is delivered to customers with active data cards . The data card is active and already connected to the tracking unit , or the data card is already integrated into the tracker . In conjunction with the data card , the tracker is able to transmit position data , movement data or, for example, information about the speed driven . The data transfer is encrypted and secure. The data flat rate for all of Europe eliminates ongoing costs. There are no monthly fees, subscriptions or contracts.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team. Our trained staff will have an answer to every question!

YUKAtrack GPS truck tracking

YUKAtrack OBD & YUKAtrack easyWire

There are countless different vehiclesboats, motorcycles, cars, trucks, construction vehicles and many others. Therefore, YUKAtrack is available in two different versions. YUKAtrack OBD and YUKAtrack easyWire . They just have different connections. The range of functions is identical.

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Truck tracking – what is possible?

Advice directly from the expert

Due to the versatile use of GPS units, professional advice is recommended. It doesn’t matter what the questions are – our telematics team will be happy to help you.

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