YUKAtrack motorcycle and quad tracking with GPS

Reliable motorcycle tracking

Live GPS tracking for motorcycles and quads is now a tool used every day. The numerous options for motorcycle tracking are used, for example, to find stolen motorcycles , bikes , trikes , quads or mopeds as quickly as possible via GPS tracking .

GPS motorcycle tracking with YUKAtrack

YUKAtrack GPS motorcycle tracking without monthly costs

No contract or subscription required

You don't want to commit to a contract? But do you want a reliable tracking solution for your motorcycle ? Then YUKAtrack is exactly the right decision!

Our YUKAtrack complete set is equipped with an active SIM data card , the tracker ( hardware ) itself and the tariff , including the data flat rate for the whole of Europe. So you get everything you need for reliable motorcycle tracking .

Theft protection with YUKAtrack motorcycle tracking

Secure your motorcycle

Motorcycles often have a high value, on the one hand for the owner and on the other hand, a large amount of money can also be an issue. An example of this is complete conversions . For these, parts supply is often particularly difficult due to age or origin. The time invested in the renovation should not be ignored either - in some cases it is not possible to accurately determine the exact amount of the value. You can counteract these problems with GPS motorcycle tracking . Secure your machine better with just a few simple steps and remedy these problems. The tracking units from YUKAtrack are extremely vigilant, energy-saving GPS systems that use smart sensors to detect a change in the position of the motorcycle as quickly as possible and immediately send the information about this to the owner and user of YUKAtrack viapush notification .

YUKAtrack app and web portal – location and evaluation

Portal software and mobile app

The YUKAtrack web portal is a powerful, sophisticated portal software for locating motorcycles , light motorcycles , trikes or quads . The portal provides the YUKAtrack user with a lot of important information and data about speeds driven, speed control , average speeds , speeding , geo-fencing alerts , route histories , live GPS tracking ,alarm messages or electronic logbook reports .

All data, analysis and reports are provided for the desktop web portal and mobile app . The mobile app is available free of charge for Android and Apple devices in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store.

Secure data transmission thanks to the integrated SIM data card

Motorcycle GPS tracking

The GPS systems for motorcycle tracking are delivered to customers and dealers with an active SIM data card . The integrated data cards provide a live connection to the tracking unit ( tracker ) - positions and movement data are transmitted directly from the motorcycle to the encrypted servers . The data cards ensure secure and reliable data transmission . It is important to mention that there are no costs whatsoever. All services such as the tariff , the data cards and the tracker ( hardware/location unit ) itself are included in the complete YUKAtrack set .

GPS motorcycle tracking – YUKAtrack Geo-Fencing

Determine geo-zones

What are Geo-Fenc Zones ? A Geo-Fenc Zone ( virtual fence ) defines the automated triggering of an action by exceeding a predefined boundary , a route , section of route or area . What advantages do users have from using Geo-Fenc areas? YUKAtrack users can define a specific, closed area in which certain vehicles should or are allowed to move. When the predefined area is moved in and out, notifications are automatically triggered viapush notification . What are alarms triggered? Alarms or notifications ( push notifications ) are triggered whenever a vehicle or driver enters or leaves the predefined area or area when exiting and entering.

Geo-fencing – areas of application

  • Control of a defined area for vehicles
  • Theft protection for your vehicles that are located within a created Geo-Fenc zone
  • Limit or define areas of application for certain vehicles

Geo-fencing – advantages

  • Increase the effectiveness of your vehicles
  • Increase the profitability of your company
  • Places and locations are represented visually
  • Self-maintenance of data by the user

Why does it make sense to install a virtual fence?

GPS motorcycle tracking with YUKAtrack

One advantage of GPS tracking is the virtual fence function. With this function you will be immediately notified when a vehicle leaves an area you have specified. Every YUKAtrack user is entitled to add a virtual fence to several locations - this is used to delimit route areas and important locations specified by the user. (POI) YUKAtrack users create their individually created, virtual fences via the YUKAtrack app - this is done effortlessly within the app with just a few clicks. The virtual fence is displayed smartly, clearly and clearly in the app . In addition, all virtual fences and alarm triggers are stored on an external server and displayed visually in the app .

YUKAtrack Support

Our Support team is available to help you with any questions you may have about GPS motorcycle tracking .

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