Bus tracking with YUKAtrack

GPS tracking and theft protection thanks to YUKAtrack

GPS positioning systems are increasingly being used in public transport such as buses or coaches . During everyday tasks where buses are used, various questions can arise, such as: Will the planned route be followed on the tour ? Or where is a specific bus at a specific time?

The YUKAtrack user can see the status and position of the vehicles at a glance in the web portal ( desktop & app ). Travel records , route documentation and tax office-compliant logbooks are created automatically and help with processing with municipalities and authorities . In addition, communication between the control center and the drivers improves. In this way, more profitability can be seen in companies .

Coach and bus tracking via GPS

YUKAtrack GPS complete set – no contract or subscription required

No monthly costs

YUKAtrack is delivered as a complete set. The integrated SIM data card is already activated upon delivery. This contains a data flat rate for all of Europe. The tariff , the SIM card and the tracker ( hardware ) itself form the complete set. YUKAtrack provides you with everything you need for successful GPS vehicle tracking . If you have any questions or suggestions, our experienced support team is available to help you. Get it contact with us!

YUKAtrack – advantages for bus tracking

GPS solution with no monthly costs

  1. Exact location using GPS
  2. Route documentation
  3. Average speeds
  4. Speeding
  5. Geo-fencing / virtual fence
  6. Alarm function
  7. Notifications
  8. Detailed reports
  9. Cost reduction for companies
  10. Companies are becoming more efficient

YUKAtrack web portal

Software for central vehicle management

The YUKAtrack web portal is available as a desktop or app version. The portal automatically records all routes , speeds and much more, and evaluates and analyzes sections and routes . All data is presented to the user clearly and clearly in the web portal .

Keep track of your entire fleet – track all vehicles and buses directly on your devices . GPS enables precise location of your buses . Routes are documented chronologically - all necessary data such as date, time, speeds , stationary and rest times are saved automatically.

The automatically created logbook reports are also displayed, displayed and listed in the web portal . The individual trips can be divided into private and commercial trips .

Reporting, reports and evaluations

Detail reports


Bus tracking with YUKAtrack thanks to SIM data card

Integrated data card

The YUKAtrack complete set will be shipped with an active SIM card after purchase. Therefore, commissioning is extremely simple. Simply remove the tracker from the package and insert it into the OBD port or connect it to the battery - that's it, YUKAtrack is ready for use.

The complete set from YUKAtrack contains the tracker ( hardware ) itself, a data tariff with a data flat rate for the whole of Europe and the already integrated SIM card . There are no hidden costs – YUKAtrack users can use GPS tracking for a full 12 months throughout Europe. The YUKAtrack complete set provides all the services necessary for professional and reliable GPS vehicle tracking - without a contract, without a subscription.

In addition, all movement data collected via GPS is transmitted and processed on our secure, German servers . We attach great importance to the issue of data protection .

Professional bus tracking with the YUKAtrack app

YUKAtrack app

The YUKAtrack app is your command center - the user-friendly app is available to users free of charge in the Apple Store and Google Play Store . The user has access to the collected live GPS data and its evaluations . Users can locate their vehicles at any time and anywhere. Evaluate speeds and zone violations, look in the route histories to see where your vehicles were and at what time. The YUKAtrack app is your command center on the go - manage your fleet from anywhere.

Become part of the success now – become a YUKAtrack dealer

Become a dealer

We offer companies/companies the opportunity to become a YUKAtrack dealer . Our dealers receive special conditions and the best margins from us. We support our dealers with brochures, flyers and everything else you need for a successful business - feel free to get in touch with our sales or marketing team! We look forward to new business relationships and partners .

YUKAtrack GPS bus tracking

YUKAtrack Support

The terms telematics , geo-fencing or GPS vehicle tracking can raise some questions. Which tracker is best suited for my purposes? Is it possible to become a dealer ? What does data flat rate mean for all of Europe? Our trained support team has the answers to all of these questions for you. Get in touch via chat , email or telephone – we have exactly the right contact person for you for every topic.

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