Taxi tracking with YUKAtrack

Reliable tracking of your taxis

With YUKAtrack OBD & YUKAtrack easyWire, we have developed two different versions of our GPS tracking unit for the market. The OBD variant is suitable for all vehicles (cars) built after 2004 as they have an OBD port. YUKAtrack easyWire is used for all other vehicles (battery-connected). The easyWire version is suitable for every battery-connected vehicle .

GPS taxi tracking has become an integral part of economical taxi companies . When using GPS taxi tracking, the focus is not only on the safety of the driver and passengers . The use of GPS tracking now serves to improve the effectiveness, cost- effectiveness and transparency of taxi companies and taxi fleets . By integrating YUKAtrack within your company, you will quickly and actively save costs and your company will become more economical. With YUKAtrack you receive electronic logbook reports or, for example, reports about idle and travel times including archiving of the collected data.

No contract, no monthly costs

Professional taxi tracking without ongoing fees

Do you own a taxi company, taxi fleet or are the fleet manager of a taxi company ? Would you like to do without contractual obligations and high monthly costs? YUKAtrack is the answer to all your concerns! The complete set includes all the areas you need to successfully run your taxi company .

If you have any questions or suggestions, our support team will be happy to help you.

Advantages for your taxi company

Special benefits for taxi companies

  • Route optimization
  • Theft early detection
  • Evidence always at hand
  • Protection against third-party use
  • Time tracking
  • Speed ​​evaluations
  • Travel and stand times

Advantages of YUKAtrack customers

Positive impact on your everyday business

Ready for immediate use

The YUKAtrack tracking units are tested and configured. So ready for immediate use!

Professional support

Our team is at your side at any time. Our employees are multilingual , trained and technical professionals.

Everything at a glance

Route reports and evidence always available.

YUKAtrack – made in Germany

Our tracking units are our own development , made in Germany!

save time

Response times are shortened by saving time . This is possible thanks to live position data .

Reliable system

You can rely on YUKAtrack! And through years of experience . Our trained employees are always there to help you with the implementation.

Data flat rate for all of Europe

The integrated data card enables and ensures the safe use of your tracking unit .

Reduce CO2 footprint

No more unnecessary documents, all reports and evaluations are made available digitally .

Always up to date

We always keep our systems up to date with the latest technology . All updates are made available to users free of charge.

A strong partner

Our competent team is available to assist you via email, live chat or in person on the phone . Remote maintenance can also be arranged by support .

Smart handling

Our system is well thought out and easy to use. Any person or employee can work with it. A simple system leads to better results.


We are happy to be at your disposal. Contact us via chat, email or call ! Our team will take on any topic.

Your special taxi tracking software

Reports , evaluations , analyzes and current maps in one system

All trips , driving data , routes and positions of your taxis are analyzed and evaluated - and all in just one system ! What seemed unthinkable a few years ago is now part of everyday life for successful taxi companies .

Location and live tracking

Keep track of your fleet , taxis and vehicles at all times. Thanks to the precise GPS data and the mobile app , you are able to monitor everything you need and keep an overview.

YUKAtrack app

The app for Android and iOS devices that comes with the complete package visualizes the position data and status of the located taxis . All necessary data is presented clearly.

Features of taxi tracking

  • Password protected
  • Accurate vehicle tracking
  • speeds
  • Speeding
  • Route reports & route evaluations

Important details about maps and location

Detailed views of the maps

Since traffic situations in city and intercity traffic are constantly changing, detailed map information on routes and vehicle positions is necessary.

For taxi companies, YUKAtrack offers digital street maps including location information .

Data transfer including data card for taxi companies

GPS complete set for your taxi company

All YUKAtrack GPS complete sets delivered are already equipped with an active data card . The data card enables a live connection to your taxis . The tracking box transmits positions and movement data of the respective vehicle or taxi . The basic monthly fee for the data card is already included in the complete YUKAtrack package . There are no monthly costs and there is no contract or subscription.

YUKAtrack Support

Our support team is available to answer any questions you may have!

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