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GPS tracking for campers , caravans and mobile homes for retrofitting

GPS motorhome tracking and the tracking of caravans and campers are part of everyday life for campers these days. Motorhomes and caravans are often referred to as second homes. Campers and mobile homes are equipped accordingly - which means they often become victims of theft or vandalism . Locating mobile homes is a useful tool to prevent theft or damage caused by vandalism .

Application examples for sensible mobile home location

YUKAtrack GPS motorhome tracking

  • Early detection of attempted theft
  • Geo-fencing (virtual fence)
  • Travel and stand times
  • Route reports, route history
  • Electronic logbook
  • Average speeds

GPS motorhome tracking without monthly costs

No subscription, no contract

If you want to use reliable motorhome tracking via GPS , YUKAtrack gets all the features you need. Another big advantage is that no contract or subscription is required to use YUKAtrack.

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What advantages do users have with YUKAtrack when it comes to GPS motorhome tracking?

Features and functions of GPS RV tracking

The electronic logbook

The electronic logbook saves users time and avoids errors in documentation . All reports and evidence are automatically maintained, evaluated and saved. In addition, the electronic logbook from YUKAtrack is tax office compliant . This means YUKAtrack users can waive the 1% regulation . But it's not just the logbook evidence that is created digitally. YUKAtrack constantly records all data such as total kilometers , distances traveled and speeds .

Virtual fence – geo-fencing

What is a virtual fence ? Avirtual fence is the automatic triggering of an event by crossing/driving over a predefined boundary, a specific area or section of route . With YUKAtrack, you as a user determine a closed area in which to move. When entering or leaving the defined area , a notification ( push notification ) is sent.


Speed ​​control

With YUKAtrack's speed control function, you can follow your journeys almost live . Maintain full insight into travel and idle times or speeding at all times. In addition, you are always aware of which driver committed a speeding violation at which point. These are all features to make journeys more efficient and economical . In addition, the risk of accidents is minimized many times over.

Average speed

YUKAtrack users can define evaluation periods and determine data such as kilometers traveled and average speeds in the YUKAtrack app . Thanks to the smart visual display, you can immediately see which average speeds and kilometers traveled by which driver. The quotient of distance and time results in the average speed - this is where useful data is collected for YUKAtrack users.

Live GPS tracking

As a user, you can see where your drivers or vehicles are currently located at any time. Real-time GPS makes it possible to intervene immediately or act quickly when events or alarms are triggered. Route optimization thanks to GPS tracking demonstrably increases the effectiveness of individual trips. YUKAtrack collects further plus points with theft protection through GPS live tracking - the real-time data allows you to react immediately to events. Theft or vandalism can be prevented in this way.

Route history

All journeys made are visually displayed and saved by YUKAtrack in the app . With the route history function, you can see at a glance which trips were efficient or inefficient. This can contribute to the economic viability of future planned routes . For future routes , you as a user can adapt and, if necessary, optimize routes . Thanks to the smart app , you can see at a glance where sections of traffic have come to a standstill or where traffic has stopped. Increase the effectiveness of your routes with the help of YUKAtrack – the complete GPS solution .

Alarm messages

GPS live tracking ensures that you are immediately notified via the app in the form of apush notification . For example, as a user you will receive a message when the tracker is pulled out of the OBD port or a vehicle leaves or enters a geo-fence zone . This case can occur due to attempted third-party use or theft . You will receive an immediate notification and can intervene as quickly as possible, for example by making changes to routes etc.


The integrated battery

Yukatrack GPS Tracker is equipped with an integrated battery . In practice, this means that if the GPS unit is not connected to the OBD interface, YUKAtrack is still able to send data. Despite everything, we recommend constantly connecting the YUKAtrack GPS units to a power source.

Social sharing

Thanks to the social sharing function, you can share sections and routes directly with your friends and relatives. Share your routes with just one click via Whatsapp , Instagram or Facebook.

Motorhome tracking – your personal service team

Due to the many different possible applications and industries where GPS tracking is used, individual advice is often necessary. Our trained service team is available to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us via chat , email or telephone !

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