With YUKAtrack speed control, you can virtually be there live on the rides!

You keep track of travel times, speeding, working and idle times. You can always see where and which driver was speeding. This data will help you save. In addition, the risk of
Accidents or failures are drastically reduced. There is no chance of falsifying the data as it is automatically transmitted via GPS. Keep an eye on your vehicles and drivers with Yukatrack and ensure greater safety. This applies to all drivers who use YUKAtrack
Use an equipped vehicle – for private or professional use. With YUKAtrack, you as a user also ensure greater general safety on our roads.

What advantages do I have as a user of GPS speed control?

Adhering to the prescribed speed limit is extremely important for every road user. By adhering to the prescribed speed limits, speeding and accidents can be avoided.

This saves costs and effort - for private individuals or companies.

Speed ​​control with GPS is always more accurate than that of a speedometer.

Area of ​​application GPS speed control

With YUKAtrack you can determine speeds via GPS - so you always know who and how fast your vehicle is traveling.

Speeding violations are displayed visually in the app.

You always know, no matter who is using your vehicle - e.g. family members, and whether they are sticking to the speed limit.

Precise tracking of individual journeys – where and what speed was exceeded.

Locations and speeds are transmitted precisely.

With YUKAtrack you can determine the exact speed you are driving via GPS.

YUKAtrack can be used in private or business settings.

Further information:

One advantage of YUKAtrack is that the user has insight into every individual trip. When used by several people, the user has the options
Evaluate and optimize the driving behavior of each individual driver. The GPS tracker from YUKAtrack helps the user to keep an overview and document set maximum speeds or speed violations. Set maximum speeds are displayed and clearly highlighted to the YUKAtrack user in the form of an alarm (push notification) on the app.

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