From now on, all YUKAtrack users can use the integrated, electronic logbook. This saves the user time and avoids errors when documenting a logbook. The GPS tracking solution from YUKAtrack determines the travel times and driving hours of each individual user and saves them automatically.

The digitized creation of the electronic logbook from YUKAtrack ensures a constant recording of all data such as the total number of kilometers driven by the vehicle, the distances traveled and speeds. This eliminates the error rate of manually documented data and saves additional time.

In addition, the electronic logbook from YUKAtrack is tax office compliant.
This means that every YUKAtrack user can waive the 1% regulation in the future.

How does an electronic logbook work?

The position and route of a vehicle are determined by GPS and the movement data is recorded on a central server.

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Advantages of an electronic logbook

Thanks to the simple installation of the YUKAtrack GPS trackers, they are able to create the logbook fully automatically with the help of an integrated data SIM card.

This helps every YUKAtrack user to save time, effort and taxes! This applies to YUKAtrack OBD and YUKAtrack easyWire.

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Advantages of having an electronic logbook compared to the tax office

The biggest advantage of an electronic logbook from YUKAtrack is the GoBD (principles of proper accounting). YUKAtrack's electronic logbook is updated continuously and without gaps. All trips are recorded separately. Automatic compliance with retention requirements.

With the electronic logbook from YUKAtrack, all journeys are documented cleanly, clearly and legally. The time-consuming maintenance of a handwritten logbook is a thing of the past.

Advantages at a glance

Automated driver and trip recording

All YUKAtrack users can use the route documentation for cost accounting and the correctness of your data for tax information - this saves our users taxes, time and money.

Data security for every single user of YUKAtrack

Data protection is very important to us - therefore every driver only has access to their own driving and route information.

Show driving behavior through visual representation

All data, such as rest and idle times, route history, average speed or kilometers driven, are automatically stored within the app - this data is digitally transferable and ensures complete and reliable data that can be transmitted to the tax office in accordance with the rules.

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