What is a virtual fence?

A virtual fence refers to the automatic triggering of an action when a defined boundary, route or area is exceeded.

Take advantage of geofencing

With YUKAtrack, you as a user define a specific, closed area in which to move. When you enter or leave the predefined area, notifications (push notifications) are automatically triggered.

When is an alarm triggered?

An alarm or notification (push notification) is triggered when a driver enters or leaves a predefined area (virtual fence).

Areas of application of a virtual fence

Control of a defined area for vehicles.

Theft protection for your vehicles that are located within a created virtual fence.

Limit areas of application for specific vehicles.

Advantages of using a virtual fence

Increase the effectiveness of the vehicles used.

Increase profitability through predetermined areas.

Physical places/locations can be represented visually.

Self-maintenance of data by the user.

Why does it make sense to install a virtual fence?

One advantage of “GPS tracking” is the virtual fence function (geo-fencing). With this function you will be notified immediately when a vehicle leaves an area you have specified. Every YUKAtrack user is entitled to add a virtual fence to several locations - this is used to delimit route areas and important locations specified by the user. (POI) YUKAtrack users create their individually created, virtual fences via the YUKAtrack app - this is done effortlessly within the app with just a few clicks. The virtual fence is displayed smartly, clearly and clearly in the app. In addition, all virtual fences and alarm triggers are stored on an external server and displayed visually in the app.

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