Climate change, CO 2 emissions, emission levels or environmental pollution are all words that can no longer be ignored these days. Our ozone layer is suffering and climate change has reached a new level. There are many different influences that contribute to global warming. Worth mentioning here are energy production, industry and transport.

Today, there are countless ways to do your part to curb environmental pollution. With YUKAtrack, Yukatel has developed a GPS solution with which everyone, but also companies and industries, can do their part to protect the environment.

In our latest article we want to introduce you to the topic of green driving and everything that goes with it. Click here for the article

You will receive information about sustainability, the benefits of green driving, how you can achieve more efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your journeys and thus do your part in protecting the environment.

YUKAtrack is the optimal solution for both private and commercial sectors to do their part in environmental protection with green driving. Click here to go directly to the shop

January 06, 2023 — Marcel Wissel