GPS tool for vehicle tracking for ALL vehicles “made in Germany”

We have already pointed out the advantages and skills of YUKAtrack in a previous blog article. We always want to keep you up to date - so in this blog article you will find information about the latest news regarding YUKAtrack.

What's new at YUKAtrack?

YUKAtrack has got a new function - merging routes and routes or route sections. We would like to explain this to you using a case example:

Let's assume you're driving a route from Frankfurt am Main to Cologne. Shortly before Bonn you get into a traffic jam. In the event of an accident or something similar, you may find yourself standing in one place for 2-3 minutes. This is of course perceived by the precise GPS positioning.

YUKAtrack presents “waiting in traffic jams” as a stop. Within the app, this is displayed as a new or additional route. This can be handled with the new “merge routes” feature. Because the stop is in the same direction as the distance already traveled.

Why is that important? This process is important because it is critical that correct and accurate logbook reports are created.

With the new function "Merge routes" it is possible for YUKAtrack users to receive accurate, error-free logbook reports and route analyzes at any time.

What else did the latest update bring? The UI has been improved again. The user interface and the associated design (interface design) offer YUKAtrack users an even more user-friendly interface. We will continue to work on and improve our systems. Of course, future updates will also be made available to our customers free of charge.


YUKAtrack – The GPS vehicle tracking solution without a contract!

YUKAtrack GPS complete set is made available to users and customers in two versions. On the one hand, an OBD variant is made available. All vehicles built after 2004 have such an OBD interface. This is usually located below the steering wheel near the driver's seating position. Since YUKAtrack is shipped with already integrated, active data cards, installation and commissioning are extremely simple. Simply integrate the tracking unit into the OBD port - the entire range of YUKAtrack services is available to you in no time.

What about vehicles that don't have an OBD port or OBD interface?

For all other vehicles we have developed YUKAtrack easyWire for the market. With the easyWire variant you can integrate ALL battery-operated vehicles into the smart system from YUKAtrack. YUKAtrack easyWire can therefore be used in all vehicles that are connected to a battery. Here too, the installation is quite simple. All you have to do is connect the plus pole and the minus pole of the GPS unit to the battery of your vehicle. Locating vehicles, evaluating routes or creating Geo Fenc zones is now also possible for motorcycles, vintage cars, construction machinery, trucks, vans, mobile homes or boats.

It is important to mention that the two different units only differ in installation and power supply. Both tracking units offer exactly the same range of services and price model. The price of our GPS units for vehicle tracking is €119.00. There are no monthly costs – no contract or subscription is necessary! All functions such as the electronic logbook , virtual fence , speed control , average speed , live GPS tracking , route history ,alarm messages , integrated battery and the social sharing function are available in both versions.

YUKAtrack web portal and app

The web portal and the mobile app are made available to all YUKAtrack users free of charge. Here too, the latest update is noticeable for users. The visually displayed maps are displayed even more clearly and smoothly. In addition, the general user-friendliness has been significantly simplified.

YUKAtrack web shop and support

Our products, such as the GPS units or the associated license extensions, are available to interested parties and customers in the in-house web shop . Do you need advice, for example when selecting the correct GPS unit? Contact us for a free consultation.

Click here to go to the shop:

Another aspect that sets YUKAtrack apart from the competition is YUKAtrack's special support and service. Our trained, multi-lingual support team is available to answer any questions you may have about YUKAtrack and the associated GPS tracking. Getting in touch is very simple - reach us via email, telephone or live chat . Our team will be available to answer any questions or suggestions you may have – we look forward to hearing from you.


November 04, 2022 — Marcel Wissel