Are you looking for a simple and reliable way to keep logbooks in your fleet or company cars? Or would you simply like to record journeys in your private car, be it in your free time or to document your commute? With YUKAtrack this is very easy, even as a practical logbook app. In this article we would like to briefly explain to you what it can do and why YUKAtrack is worth keeping a logbook.

The (electronic) logbook

In the bureaucratic jungle of Germany, any solution that makes our lives easier and helps us document a wide variety of topics is welcome. The logbook is one such item that is often perceived as annoying, but is mandatory in some areas and should therefore be implemented carefully.

While the logbook used to be mostly kept by hand, as a result of digitalization there are now options for keeping it electronically and automatically. This is exactly what is possible with our logbook app from YUKAtrack.

Requirements and functionality

All you need is our YUKAtrack app on your mobile device and a GPS tracking box, which can easily be connected to your vehicle via the OBD interface. This has an integrated SIM card with which your location data and thus your recorded routes and travel times can be transmitted to your desired device via the mobile network. This is even easily possible throughout Europe, with the included EU data flat rate and cross-network availability.

You can easily view this data in the YUKAtrack app, where it is already clearly prepared and displayed.

Tax office compliant

The best thing about it is that this recording with our app is already tax office compliant, meaning it can easily be presented to the tax office as proof.

This is not automatically the case with every app or electronic record, as the logbook must meet some special requirements.

In general, there are a few rules that must be adhered to when it comes to electronic accounting, which are defined as GoBD (Principles for Proper Accounting) and have been enacted since 2015. The data for electronic accounting must be stored for up to 10 years and can be presented to the tax office upon request.

The essential requirements for a correctly maintained electronic logbook are:

  • Traceability and auditability
  • completeness
  • accuracy
  • Timeliness
  • Order
  • Immutability

Advantages of a logbook app

All of this is already fulfilled by our YUKAtrack app, meaning you no longer have to take action yourself to comply with all of these electronic accounting requirements. In fact, using such a logbook app as an electronic logbook offers you clear advantages:

  • Time savings due to automatic data transmission
  • Reduction in errors by eliminating manual accounting
  • More detailed information about travel times and number of kilometers
  • Easy separation of private and business trips
  • Additional cost reduction through the mentioned time savings
  • Easy access via mobile app
  • No more need to apply the 1% rule

More useful data

Keeping an electronic logbook is just one of the functions of the YUKAtrack app. From the automatically recorded location data, a lot of additional insights can be gained without much effort, which can also be used to save costs and increase efficiency.

This allows you to determine the exact routes of past journeys, as well as the corresponding travel times and average speeds. These can be analyzed and, if necessary, better future routes can be determined. Temporary disruptions on a standard route can also be responded to promptly.

In addition, an analysis of driving behavior and rest times also provides an important safety aspect to ensure compliance with regulations.


When keeping a logbook, which is mandatory in some areas, some regulations must be observed, especially in the case of electronic bookkeeping, i.e. when keeping an electronic logbook. In order not to lose track and possibly risk fines, it is worth using a ready-made solution such as YUKAtrack, consisting of a GPS tracking box and logbook app.

This not only ensures that all regulations are properly adhered to, it also offers significant time savings and more accurate values ​​through automated data collection and can help save further costs and increase your own efficiency.

June 28, 2022 — Marcel Wissel