In Germany , over 10,000 cars were stolen in 2020 , causing economic damage of over 200 million euros . This survey makes it clear that car theft is a serious problem. Only a few drivers think deeply about theft protection . The necessary module can be easily retrofitted.

In addition to the financial damage, you also have to deal with the police, insurance companies and authorities in such a case. You can save yourself these annoyances. Because there are simple ways to monitor the location of the car and intervene early . With GPS theft protection, you always receive up-to-date reports about the location of your vehicle. You can also set up scenarios to alert the app .

In addition to theft protection for cars or motorhomes, YUKAtrack has other advantages:

  • GPS live tracking: 24/7 monitoring of drivers and vehicles
  • Route optimization: increasing the effectiveness of individual trips
  • Fast action possible: Immediate response to incidents
  • Theft protection: prevent theft or attempted theft

How can YUKAtrack help prevent theft?

The GPS tracker from YUKAtrack enables every user to locate their own vehicle. You will receive a notification on your smartphone that displays the current location visually and in detail.

The notification is triggered by one of two factors:

  1. Your vehicle is set in motion unplanned . If your vehicle suddenly moves, you know you should take action.
  2. The GPS tracker is pulled from the OBD2 interface . The system protects itself. As soon as the YUKAtrack adapter is removed from the interface, you will receive a notification.

This will enable you to take immediate action. If you are sure that no one other than you has access to your car, you can also contact the police directly.

With the GPS tracking box you can sensibly add theft protection to your car or motorhome .

What exactly will I be informed about?

The tracker informs you about all status changes , which we would like to explain to you again below.

Basically you can configure multiple alarms .

You can set alarms for the following scenarios:

  • Module removal: You will be notified as soon as the module is removed.
  • Determination of start and finish: Be informed when a vehicle equipped with the YUKAtrack starts and when it arrives in the finish area.
  • Kilometers traveled: Receive a notification when the vehicle has traveled a certain number of kilometers.

What is meant by GPS tracking?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technology that can be used to determine exactly where something is. To do this, it uses a satellite-based radio navigation network developed by the US Department of Defense.

Although it was developed for military purposes, it is now used worldwide for a variety of civilian purposes. This also includes companies that use GPS tracking to monitor the movements of their mobile employees and provide targeted support .

The Global Positioning System uses a network of satellites that continuously transmit time and location reports. A GPS receiver , e.g. A smartphone, for example, uses signals from four different satellites to calculate its location.

The general accuracy of GPS is within five meters when relying solely on satellite data. This accuracy is improved to one meter when additional signal sources are used, such as: B. the data from cell phone towers.

With the help of software , e.g. Such as a mobile workforce management system, the location and movements of a company's vehicles can be tracked and recorded over time .

What are the Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking?

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Cost-effective
  • Safety for employees
  • Communication with customers/clients

Tracking the movements of commercial vehicles is one of the most common uses of GPS.

Real-time monitoring

It only takes a few seconds for a GPS signal to be transmitted from a satellite. This allows the movement of vehicles to be accurately tracked in real time .

For a company offering mobile services, this means a new way to monitor and manage employees on the road. Without GPS, a plant manager has little way of knowing where each employee is. In addition to theft protection , there are many more possible uses for YUKAtrack .

Safety for employees

Monitoring vehicle movements offers some significant health and safety benefits . This allows potential problems to be identified, e.g. B. if an active vehicle is stationary for a long period of time.

In the event of an accident or breakdown , help can be sent to the scene. Route planning also helps drivers avoid potential hazards such as traffic jams, road closures and accidents.

Communication with customers/clients

GPS tracking significantly improves the quality and accuracy of the information provided to customers and clients. Real-time data can be used to create accurate arrival times and schedules .

There is also the option to give customers access to the information themselves via an online portal with location and status updates .

May 31, 2022 — Marcel Wissel