The new YUKAtrack Pocket

People, animals and object tracking with a European flat rate


“Standstill” is an absolute foreign word for the Offenbach-based company Yukatel. Always up to date, Yukatel is known for understanding and working with new technologies and hardware devices as quickly as possible. Now it's that time again - a new product is about to be released!

After the brand launch of YUKAtrack in the GPS tracker market in 2021, the brand achieved some success. With the GPS complete set you can set yourself apart from the competition. One of the biggest advantages and most important features of YUKAtrack is that there is no contract required.

“YUKAtrack Pocket” is the name of the latest product from the YUKAtrack range! Thanks to its weight and size, YUKAtrack Pocket is the perfect companion for everyday life. The Mini GPS unit is an absolute must-have, especially for the family - whether it has two or four legs, YUKAtrack Pocket offers all family members additional protection and security.


YUKAtrack Pocket – the mini GPS tracker

Impresses with precise location and app

Nowadays, GPS technology and GPS tracking have become an integral part of our everyday lives. YUKAtrack Pocket is an absolute all-rounder in the field of GPS tracking thanks to its many different possible applications!

The data is transmitted in real time, so the GPS tracker can even be a lifesaver! Let's get to the areas of application; YUKAtrack Pocket can be used as a self-protection measure, for example on single climbing or hiking trips. On the other hand, the Mini GPS unit can be used to protect our children! And what is more important than the safety of our children? YUKAtrack Pocket can provide a lot of help here. On the way to school, on leisure, sports, camping, school trips, the first solo trips or the first independent trips into the city or shopping - the compact GPS unit is extremely easy to attach to or carry with you on a wide variety of objects, and it fits in any of them such a small bag.

With the YUKAtrack app and thanks to the powerful integrated battery, you always stay connected to the GPS unit.

Animal tracking – reliable location

More safety and freedom for your animals

When we “chip” our dogs and cats, we speak of RFID chips. This allows recovered animals to be assigned to their owners. But these types of chips are not suitable for tracking our animals. YUKAtrack Pocket is also used here! The Mini GPS unit can be attached to all common collars, harnesses or halters. You receive data in real time via the mobile app, which is available free of charge in all common app stores. You can see where your darling is at any time! You can also use the geo-fencing function to specify specific areas and locations. You receive notifications on your smartphone when a certain area is left or entered. With the social sharing function you can share your animal's whereabouts with family members or animal carers. GPS tracker for animals is a simple but life-saving technology that can strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend and provide security.

Delivery and baggage tracking

The Mini GPS Tracker is also used to locate deliveries or luggage transfers. You can easily track valuable deliveries such as organ, medication or special component deliveries with YUKAtrack Pocket and, if necessary, take precautions before the deliveries arrive, such as preparing loading ramps or assigning personnel.


People tracking

In addition to the high safety factor that YUKAtrack Pocket means for our children, this is of course also the case for everyone else. For example, you can offer your older people a little more security in their everyday lives. There is a particular advantage, for example, for people suffering from dementia. By creating virtual fences (geo-fencing), people with dementia can be given back some freedom. Of course, the safety factor is also guaranteed in this example. The small GPS tracker with big advantages for the whole family! The assignable SOS emergency button serves as an additional security feature.

The advantages at a glance

  • Find your animal as quickly as possible through live tracking
  • You don't want your darling to go too far away? Delimit areas with geo-fence zones
  • Monitor luggage or deliveries throughout the route
  • Always stay connected to YUKAtrack Pocket via the mobile app
  • Thanks to its compact design, the GPS tracker can be stored almost anywhere
  • SOS emergency button – definable emergency function
  • Powerful, rechargeable battery
  • Thanks to the included bumper, your GPS unit is well protected against falls and also serves as an attachment option to almost all objects, objects, halters and leashes. collars or bags.

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June 13, 2023 — Marcel Wissel