Are you wondering what the real benefits of recording routes are and how it can contribute to more sustainable driving ? Maybe you even doubt that this connection even exists? In the following article, we will show you exactly how route recording works and, in particular, what advantages it brings.

Car tracking in real time - easier than ever before

Nowadays, locating things is almost an integral part of our daily lives, and so is locating people. Particularly with mobile phones, it is part of the basic equipment that they can be located by a wide variety of apps - and this is certainly desirable. Be it accessing results in your area when looking for a good restaurant, displaying the best clothing stores in the area or specifying the nearest subway station: location is often used to one's own advantage.

When searching for timetables or current locations, be it for trains, buses or planes, it becomes clear that not only the location of mobile phones or people is useful, but also of vehicles. Just think about looking for the nearest e-bike, e-scooter or e-car.

Real-time tracking also works in the same way for your own vehicles, both in private and business settings. The icing on the cake is that thanks to modern technology, not only can the vehicle be located, but the entire route traveled can also be recorded precisely. On the one hand, the route recording makes it possible to find out where a vehicle was and when, and at the same time how exactly this route ran. All you need is a GPS tracking device, like one from YUKAtrack .

What is measured when recording the route

Anyone who thinks that tracking a vehicle is only about its current location is wrong. The route history contains much more information that can help you in many ways. By recording the route traveled , a data collection is created that has great potential. The following data is collected:

Route or route history

The location of the vehicle or vehicles is continuously recorded via GPS. At the same time, the respective time is also recorded, so that thanks to the location, you can always record and check the course of the route both during and afterwards. You can also have this displayed visually with YUKAtrack .

Average speed

In addition to the route itself and the corresponding time, modern tracking devices also measure the corresponding speed or calculate the average speed traveled on the route .

The usefulness of the data collected when recording routes

Now that you know what data is collected in real time when tracking your car or vehicle, the following question legitimately arises: What is it used for? Let us show you the advantages and areas of use :

Electronic logbook

Especially if you have a fleet of vehicles and keep a corresponding logbook , electronic route recording or GPS tracking can save you a lot of work. Gone are the days when you and/or your employees had to laboriously enter all the data by hand. Thanks to the automatic and digitalized recording of all trips, you not only save time, you also avoid errors that can creep in with manual accounting. No matter whether the number of kilometers, the distance traveled or the speed: everything is recorded digitally and for each individual user or each individual vehicle. The whole thing is also rounded off by the fact that the electronic logbook from YUKAtrack is accepted by the tax office and the 1% rule no longer applies.

Virtual fence

Do you want to ensure that your vehicle does not leave a certain geographical area? With the “ Virtual Fence ” function, you can easily set this up directly via the corresponding tracking app . This allows you to specify specific locations or a specific area and add a virtual fence , quickly and easily via the app. This limits the area in which your vehicle is allowed to move and, for example, receives an alarm if it leaves this area. This protects your vehicle from theft or allows you, for example, to proactively secure the rented car or its use.

Live location

Your partner borrowed the car and you want to know where it was parked? Your driver is on the way and you want to know where he is? Thanks to live location , you will receive an exact answer within a few seconds. The tracking app determines and records the exact location of your vehicle at any time and you can use the app to get an overview in a very short time. And even if the vehicle is stolen, you can locate it at any time and pass the information on to the authorities.

Speed ​​control

Your little one has recently started using the car and you would like to check how fast he is traveling or would you like to make sure that your drivers are sticking to the speed limits? As part of the route recording , the respective speed and average speed are also measured and recorded. This means you can always see how long each route has been traveled and what the average speed is.

Route history

Thanks to the parameters mentioned above that are recorded, you can access a detailed route history at any time. For example, you can find out which two routes work better in a certain place, where you can maintain what average speed and which route you used last time to a certain place. In this way, you can save time on future journeys, pay more attention to an optimal speed, save petrol and money, and at the same time drive more sustainably . You always have an overview and all details about the routes you have traveled at your fingertips and can also display them in a visual comparison .

Alarm messages

Thanks to the various alarm messages that you can set directly in the app, your vehicle is secured at all times. Be it exceeding a certain speed, deviating from a certain route or leaving an area or location you have specified: you will receive an alarm message directly on the app or your device and can react immediately.

Social sharing

Last but not least, thanks to the “ social sharing ” function, you can share the information from the app directly with others, be they family members, friends or colleagues. For example, share your favorite route to a specific location, show someone else where your vehicle is or how your driving behavior has changed over time.

More insights & control over your vehicle

No matter whether it's for your private car or your business fleet : you can gain a lot of insight with digitalized and automatic route recording . Insights into routes, driving behavior and where your vehicle is. And you can use all this information to your advantage.

With the data collected from the route recording, you can optimize your daily vehicle use and also simplify the recording of the data itself.

Our recommendation is therefore very clear: get your hands on your personal tracking device for your vehicle today - we at YUKAtrack are happy to help you!

April 29, 2022 — Marcel Wissel