YUKAtrack GPS vehicle tracking

GPS tracking is an important part of our daily lives and offers us countless benefits, especially when it comes to monitoring and controlling vehicles and mobile workforces. As a business owner, you want to ensure that your employees and vehicles are always safe and efficient and that your business processes run smoothly. This is exactly where YUKAtrack’s GPS tracking solutions come into play.

YUKAtrack's GPS tracking solutions are easy to use and offer a variety of features to help you make your business operations more efficient and safer. With YUKAtrack GPS tracking solutions, you can track and monitor your vehicles and employees anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to check the location of your delivery vehicles, optimize the use of your mobile workforce or increase the efficiency of your supply chain - YUKAtrack's GPS tracking solutions give you the overview and control you need.

One of the most important functions of YUKAtrack's GPS tracking solutions is real-time tracking. This feature allows you to monitor the location of your vehicles and employees in real time and ensure that all routes are completed efficiently and safely. This is particularly important for companies that offer deliveries or services as it helps them monitor and track the progress of their deliveries.

Another important function of YUKAtrack's GPS tracking solutions is route optimization. This feature allows you to optimize your routes and save time and costs. This works by GPS tracking solutions calculating the best routes based on traffic conditions, distances and many other factors. This not only helps you to save time and costs, but also to make optimal use of your employees and vehicles.

Another important feature of YUKAtrack's GPS tracking solutions is the electronic logbook. This function provides all the necessary information. The reports are created automatically and are tax office compliant. Private and business trips can also be separated afterwards. This is a significant advantage over the 1% regulation - this can be dispensed with with the logbook reports from YUKAtrack.

Another feature of YUKAtrack GPS tracking solutions is the geofencing capability. This feature allows you to create virtual fences around specific locations and trigger alarms when a vehicle or employee enters or leaves a specific area. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to take special precautions for certain locations or areas, such as: B. for construction projects or secret storage locations.

In summary, YUKAtrack GPS tracking solutions are a comprehensive solution for companies that need efficient monitoring and control of their vehicles and employees. With user-friendly features including real-time tracking, route optimization, vehicle tracking, logbook and geofencing, YUKAtrack offers everything you need for successful GPS tracking. See for yourself and visit YUKAtrack to learn more about the powerful GPS tracking solutions that will help you make your business operations more efficient and safer.

GPS vehicle tracking - complete set

The YUKAtrack GPS tracking complete set consists of the hardware ( GPS tracker ), a SIM data card including tariff and the portal software or mobile app . The GPS tracking unit determines the location of your boat and shows it to you visually in the app and web portal . The tracker can access GPS satellite data based on your boat 's power supply and SIM data card . Thanks to the data flat rate for the whole of Europe, nothing stands in the way of a trip to Europe with your boat . The data is transmitted in real time - reports and evaluations are also automatically created by YUKAtrack. These are also presented to you visually and smartly in the app and web portal .

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Features of GPS vehicle tracking

Advantages of YUKAtrack

  1. Exact location using GPS
  2. Route documentation
  3. Average speeds
  4. Speeding
  5. Geo-fencing / virtual fence
  6. Alarm function
  7. Notifications
  8. Detailed reports

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